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My Trip To NYC! - 14731266 10154351564968880 1862168693741176328 n - My Trip To NYC!
October 19th, 2016

My Trip To NYC!

Guess where we’ve been this week?!


My Trip To NYC! - nyc random - My Trip To NYC!

First day of our trip to New York we went to see the Statue of Liberty and the immigration museum on Ellis Island. Then we took a walking tour of slavery and the underground railroad. That was poignant and fascinating. In the evening we went to see the Broadway production of The Color Purple. The talent was incredible and the story touched us both. I’m so glad we did these things, which were so much more meaningful and educational than basic shopping and sightseeing would have been.

We got a New York pass that got us free entrance into walking tours and many attractions. I would highly recommend getting it!

My Trip To NYC! - nyc liberty - My Trip To NYC!

On our second day in New York City we took a walking tour of West Harlem, otherwise known as Hamilton Heights. Our tour guide had many interesting stories to share with us. We visited New York City College, where my sister-in-law goes to school, and it was gorgeous! We saw the homes of some famous people including Scott Joplin.

My Trip To NYC! - nyc harlem - My Trip To NYC!

Then we hit the Museum of Modern art and I saw my favorite Van Gogh paintings. We finished the evening catching a glimpse of George Gershwin’s pad. So fun, but I should’ve done more walking before hand to prepare for doing three walking tours in a row! My Trip To NYC! - 1f61d - My Trip To NYC!?

My Trip To NYC! - NYC art 1024x500 - My Trip To NYC!

On our third day in New York we took a walking tour of Soho, little Italy and Chinatown. I had some amazing Italian food and the gelato was incredible! We found a great little place that made fried potstickers for a quarter apiece. That’s the cheapest meal you’ll find in New York City! Then we found a little Asian massage place to give us foot rubs for a tired legs after all that walking. We rode around on the big bus tour for the rest of the afternoon seeing the sights and listening to a sarcastically funny tour guide. I think if we had taken kids with us on this trip, they would have been whining through all these tours!My Trip To NYC! - 1f61d - My Trip To NYC!?

My Trip To NYC! - nyc third day - My Trip To NYC!

Saturday we drove up to Connecticut to visit my cousin and her husband, and see the beautiful Hartford Connecticut temple (not to mention the beautiful fall leaves too). We even got a personal tour!

My Trip To NYC! - nyc temple 1024x1024 - My Trip To NYC!

Our last day we attended church which happens to be in the same building as the new york temple with my brother and his wife. There were some beautiful paintings that really touched me, but that will be in my next post…

At some point we might take our kids to New York, but on this trip we didn’t. We knew that they would be bored by the walking tours and not to mention it’s expensive! We had a great time and look forward to the next time we’ll be able to return and visit again!




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