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Mom Essentials Healthy Yummy Recipes eBook

Are you having a hard time finding healthy, yummy recipes that your family will like?

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Announcing Mom Essentials – Healthy, Yummy Recipes eBook


My recipes are now available in downloadable eBook format.  That’s over 100 pages of recipes, instructions and fun pictures! Just in time for the holidays are Roasted Maple Nuts and Oat Chip
Screen shot 2016-06-16 at 11.50.45 AM Cookies with Dried Cranberries. Yum! I’ve spent years, countless hours and a painful learning curve finding recipes with healthy ingredients that my family would love. Now you can benefit from my investment without having to go through that learning curve yourself. I lay it all out for you, with pictures and instructions! Yummy, Healthy Recipes eBook is only…$9.95 or you can get it in a package with my 2 other article eBooks for $27.  So get it today!

“I’ve used some of Jenni’s recipes over the years and our family has really enjoyed them. They weren’t difficult to make and I had all of the ingredients on hand.  I make her steel cut oats in the rice cooker which most of my kids prefer over regular cooked rolled oats. Thanks Jenni! ~ Karina McDonald”

Having these recipes on hand will save you time hunting and searching for healthy recipes your family will love!

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 For an even better value…

Yummy, Healthy Recipes eBook, Jenni’s Stories & Education, and Mom Essentials Natural Remedies

all for $27!  Click HERE to purchase.

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Please purchase additional copies for gifts. Proceeds go to support Natural Oil Mom and My Causes. Copyright 2011 – All rights reserved.

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