How I Eliminated Toxic Fragrances and Chemicals From my Home

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Guest post, by Lori Logue

When I clean house, I love the scents of pine and lemon or clove and cinnamon. My home smells delicious!

In the past, I burned scented candles or popular wax candles to get that inviting scent. Sometimes. I’d start to feel a little sick or friends would come over and get headaches within a few minutes. One friend admitted that she couldn’t come over because the artificial smell triggered her allergies.

I started researching the effects of burning scented candles and learning about the ingredients. I was pretty mad at myself. As that mom who tries to keep her family healthy, I was sending toxins into the air of my home. Ughh!

It was about this time when I bought a diffuser and started researching the essential oils that cleaned the air and actually reduced the bad junk we were breathing.

Now, my diffuser runs constantly with cinnamon and orange or maybe I’ll add some melaleuca or doTERRA Breathe blend if I feel congested from seasonal allergies. It’s fun and there is no guilt when I crank up the diffuser and send those incredible scents throughout my home.

That was step one in my journey, and once I bought my book on the things oils can do, I was pretty hooked.

While I could write for days on the lifestyle changes we have made, one other significant way we use oils in my home is for cleaning.

I love the smell of lemon furniture polish, but I read an article about how toxic that is to your skin. One chore I give my kids is to dust the furniture. Again, the mom in me cringed when I realized that I could be harming my children form this simple chore.

I did a quick search for oils that are great to clean with and my good old standby, lemon, popped right up. I simply added an equal mixture of olive oil and vinegar into a glass spray bottle. Then, I put about 10 to 15 drops of my lemon oil into that and stirred it around. It was so simple and it’s easy to make more whenever I need it. My kids love helping and making their own sprays too.

My daughter even made a nightly spray for her baby brother and labeled it Monster Spray. She just added some lavender and water to one of our glass bottles and it’s totally safe for them to spray on pillows or in the air. It’s an added blessing for sweet dreams and a fresh-scented bedroom.

Having a clean home doesn’t just mean sweeping and mopping. It is so important to think about what we are cleaning with and what we are breathing in or putting on our skin.

Like with any change, it’s good to start small and manage one task at a time. We shouldn’t overwhelm ourselves by doing more than we can handle at once. It will all start to click as we feel better and realize that it is all just getting back to the basics.

Hi! My name is Lori Logue.  I am a full-time REALTOR, mom of 3 incredible kids, homeschool  mom, and wife to an amazing man! I am also a doTERRA wellness advocate and have been a lover of essential oils for almost three years.  My family and I  have changed our lifestyle so much in the last few years, and I am happy to share our experiences with you!

Enjoy this Natural Oil Mom blog. Share the word how essential oils work! :)

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