Support for Endometriosis, PCOS & Other Pelvic Issues

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Do you ever experience intense discomfort or cramping during your monthly cycle? Do you ever have unexplained pain or heavy bleeding from the uterus? Do you or anyone you know suffer from Endometriosis, polycystic ovaries (PCOS) or Pelvic Inflammatory Disease? I’ve been studying essential oils and how they can help support women’s pelvic and reproductive health. From what I’ve found, many of the same essential oils are recommended for these different issues. I’m also including information on herbal and dietary help.

Synergistic Essential Oil Blend for WomenScreen shot 2016-08-18 at 9.24.40 AM

This blend can be massaged on abdomen and bottoms of feet twice daily and should be for at least 2-4 cycles. Only about a teaspoon is needed for one application. A hot compress or washcloth applied over abdomen will increase the absorption of the oils. Essential oil blends for PMS, 3 drops, rubbed over the uterus, may also help dissolve cysts.

The next couple periods after using may pass some tissue or smell funny because the uterus is detoxing. If pain is especially bad, the amount of essential oils may be doubled in the carrier oil and applied 3 times a day the week before period is due. Also, you can add 15 drops of clove essential oil to the above blend.

clove oil in a bottle of glass close-up on the table. horizontal

Baths are excellent for increasing circulation, so in a hot bath add 10 drops of the above recipe without the carrier oil. This can be done daily and may speed up the healing process.

Herbal Aids

FemEase Capsules

  • Vickie Sorensen has an excellent formula called Cramp Relief that works well for managing pain and cramping.
  • doTERRA’s Phytoestrogen capsules, 2 per day OR Vickie’s FemEase, 2 capsules, 2-3 times a day, to rebuild and cleanse reproductive organs and balance hormones.
  • Evening Primrose oil, 2 capsules morning and night, helps with hormone  production and balance.
  • Red Raspberry Leaf, tea or capsules, 1 cup or 1 capsules taken 3 times a day to strengthen and nourish the female system, reducing pain.

Whole Food Power

  • Cut out white sugar and processed foods as much as possible while dealing with these problems, at least for a few months. Limit meat and dairy with hormones (buy organic) because the estrogen based hormones in these products cause the cysts to grow.
  • Feed your body whole, raw foods, lots of greens and super nutrition (see my post on Pregnancy Nutrition).
  • For ultra nutrition and fastest results use fresh wheat grass juice. Drink it (2 oz a day) and even douche with it. Douche with 4-6  oz in a tub with towels under hips. Remain with hips elevated for at least 10 minutes. This is potent nourishment to the cervix and uterus, and is especially helpful in cases of heavy bleeding.

A two-week raw juice fast can also be beneficial. I would use carrot, apple, and greens.

Glasses Of Fresh Organic Vegetable And Fruit Juices

Some of these suggestions seem so simple, and the reality is that there are simple but effective (and much cheaper and less invasive than surgeries and other conventional treatments). Dr Christopher taught over and over, cleanse and nourish the body and it will function as it should. Drugs don’t do this. Sometimes they can alter something in the body to achieve a desired result, but they generally don’t cleanse, nourish or heal.

These natural products from Mother Earth can aid the body in overcoming many obstacles, including those genetic and environmental, so that it can work as it was created. Trust them, use them. If they don’t seem to be making a difference, be patient. Unlike drugs, they take time to do their jobs–usually a few weeks to a few months, at least. After years of our imperfect lifestyles, how can we expect anything less?

The good news is, there’s hope. The body knows what it’s supposed to do. When given time, the proper tools and nourishment it can often repair itself and function the way it should. Give it a try!

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