Healing My Dog From Recurring Ear Problems and Skin Allergies

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My sweet dog, Andy, that we’ve had for a few years, a golden lab, has been getting sicker and sicker. He’s always had recurring ear issues and I felt that the problem was not just an external one. Similar to human conditions, most rashes, eczema, psoriasis, ear problems and many other issues are actually indications of an unhealthy internal environment.

Andy ear

We’ve been feeding him conventional dog food, and for a long time I have felt that he is probably allergic to something in the food or that it is in someway unhealthy for him. I have no doubt about it at all. Companies make things as cheaply as possible and make it look so good on the label. I switched his food a few weeks ago, but I didn’t really know if it was any better. Not only has he had the typical gunky and itchiness lately, where he’s  pawing at his ears nonstop, but he’s been getting fatty tumors, his skin under his fur has been turning blacker and he has been losing some of his hair.Andy chest

My mother got very serious about caring for her dogs holistically several years ago. She researched healthier brands of dog food and even started making a lot of her own. I thought it was a little crazy at the time. I thought to myself, who has time to make their own dog food? I barely have enough time and energy to make food for my family. I reasoned, why would I want to spend so much extra money on food in the kitchen that would just be for the dog?

The error in my thinking was that I have been spending tons of money on dog food anyway. Our dog is big and he eats a lot. And I was trying to choose healthier brands of food, which cost more.

Andy final

So the other day I was in the health food store, and I ran into a lady that I had talked to on the phone a couple months prior. She had found my business card there and had called me about essential oils and told me that she worked a lot with animals and she was an intuitive healer.  It had peaked my curiosity a bit, and I didn’t think it was quite a coincidence that I ran into her and she found a couple of my business cards on the floor that had fallen out of my pocket. That night she called me and asked if she could come to my home and see if there were any ways she could help me. I told her that my dog had been sick and that I would appreciate her recommendations.

Awanee1She did come over that evening and we had a wonderful visit. She helped me realize some things about my sweet pet that I had taken for granted. For eight years I have slept soundly in my bed knowing that he was outside my door on the porch, when my husband was gone working nights. I watched as he gently let my young children climb all over him and played with them and was a sweet, happy presence in our home.

My new friend, Awanee, helped me appreciate many things I had taken for granted about my dog, Andy, and helped me be more motivated to truly care for him in the way that he needed.

Ian and AndyI invited her to eat dinner with us, and she casually pointed out that I could be feeding Andy some of the same things I was feeding my family, and it would greatly help him. Because I’ve been trying to do some of the GAPS™ diet lately, I’ve been making much more meat, broth and bone broth for our family. But I wasn’t using it all for my family, and I realized I could be using some of it to heal our sweet Andy.

So immediately I started experimenting, by blending up some of the broth I had with leftover vegetables and well cooked bones from the broth. I added fresh garlic to help cleanse his gut and fight his sick bugs. He loved it!

Baked squash

I went to the farmers market on Saturday and purchased some squashes for my family. When I got home I realized that I could’ve bought several extra to cook and blend up for him for not near as much money as I have been spending on his dog food.

So, I’ve made the decision. I am going to buy extra food, and do a bit more planning in the kitchen so I can start feeding my dog more holistically, improve his internal environment, and heal him.

If you want to see what I’m feeding Andy, like my page on Facebook. Also, don’t miss the chapter in my new book, Trust Your Intuition, by Lauri Driggers on how she healed her sweet pet Bruno, holistically, instead of putting him on drugs for the rest of his life. I don’t have to feel helpless anymore. Woohoo!

  • Sandra Merrigan

    My cocker spaniel and chocolate lab were a hot mess. Constant ear infections, skin infections, spine problems with my cocker and bad hips with my lab. We changed their food to a grain free turkey and potato which helped my labs ear infections but my cocker still got ear infections and repeat staph infections.

    Then my groomer recommended adding a teaspoon for every 10lbs once day to their food. So for example, my cocker weighs in at 27lbs that’s two teaspoons for him. Within the week of adding coconut oil to their food, my cocker’s staph infection started receding, my labs dry flaking skin patches were receding. Within a month no ear infections. Perfectly clean ears on both dogs. No anti inflammatories. Why? Coconut is a natural anti microbial. It also has anti inflammatory agents that help counteract arthritis and a dozen other benefits. My family and I switched to coconut oil months ago as a substitute for shortening, vegetable oil, as an additive for smoothies, conditioner, lotion, you can even use it topically for athletes foot.

    The moral of my story? Try it with your dogs and you may be surprised at the benefits he receives. Good luck!

    • jenni

      I really appreciate your comment, Sandra! My friend did suggest coconut oil for Andy, but I haven’t given him much. I will redouble my efforts on that point. Thanks so much for sharing your story!

  • Shelly

    Wow- your patience, love, and dedication for your pup is nothing short of heartwarming and inspirational. They are truly lucky to have you as an owner, and I am beyond impressed! I hope the infections and allergies stay away for good.

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