Goodreads: An Excellent Resource to Inspire Youth to Read

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By Karina Palmer

I was inspired a few weeks ago to get a Goodreads account for my son, Alex, who recently turned 12.

It’s turning out to be a wonderful resource for our homeschooling adventures.

He doesn’t have email, he doesn’t Facebook. In fact, the only time he uses the computer is for schooling purposes.

Goodreads is no different. The benefits of it have been:

  1. He’s able to document every book he reads, and he’ll hopefully have that forever.
  2. He can rate each book (fun!) including all the books I’ve read to him as a child.
  3. He can type summaries about his books (and he naturally wants to do only his best work because his “friends” on Goodreads will see his writing).
  4. He is practicing his typing (my kids are never allowed to type unless their fingers are on the home row).
  5. Goodreads offers suggestions for other books based on the ratings you have given so far, so we go to the library with lists of options.
  6. He is so inspired by seeing all the fun books available, and he can’t wait to read them.
  7. He can connect with “friends” on Goodreads to see what they’re reading, what they’ve rated, and to discuss books.

Alex is currently looking for other youth who have a Goodreads account to be “friends” with. Please message me if you know of someone.

What internet resources for homeschooling youth have made you happy?

Karina Palmer grew up in California public school, became a court reporter and owned her own agency for ten years, then became a homeschooling mother. Her children range from age twelve to age two. She’s been homeschooling for seven years. She and her husband Stephen raise their children in Round Rock, Texas. Be sure to check out her thought-provoking blog called Palmer Journeys.

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