Fixing A Crushed Toe

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One time a good friend of ours called and informed me that while he was moving a pool table with his wife (Nicole), they had dropped one corner of it on her big toe. The toe was crushed. They didn’t think going to the ER would be all that productive and would be expensive to boot. What should they do?

I told them to come over and I started gathering remedies.
I pulled out my dependable Cuts & Bruises oil which eases pain, reduces inflammation and fights infection.

 I grabbed some Complete Tissue ointment and Bone, Flesh & Cartilage herb blend (BF&C) for her to use in a tea for healing. Incidentally, comfrey is a valuable herb that heals things very speedily. If you have a toxic liver from taking drugs or alcohol, large quantities of this herb by itself can overload your liver, but this is rare. Generally it is very safe and cuts healing time in half.

I personally have taken comfrey in this formula for healing would take this formula in large amounts for broken bones or other serious injury to tissues or ligaments, but of course you need to be your own judge. One of my mentors, Sandra Ellis, gave her son 100 capsules of the Complete Tissue a day internally when he broke his elbow. He had no pain because he was getting the healing nutrition his body needed.

Our friends came over and Nicole was in pain. Her toe nail ended up coming completely off. We dripped on a few drops of the Cuts & Bruises oil and I gave her the other items. I told her that cayenne has traditionally been used to stop bleeding.

Her toe bled that night, so she put cayenne powder on the wound to stop bleeding. It stung, but did the job.  For most bleeding I now use straight helichrysum oil, which works excellently without stinging.)

She applied a drop of Cuts & Bruises every time before using the Complete Tissue formulas.

At night she made a tea of the B,F&C herb powder (put a teaspoon of the herb powder in a cup of boiling water for 15 min), soaked a cloth in it (wrung it out loosely), wrapped her toe with it, and covered it with a plastic bag. She did this nightly for about 5 days.

She also soaked her toe in Epsom Salts twice a day with hot water and this helped prevent and draw out infection.

After the first week, she continued to apply the Complete Tissue ointment periodically.

Her toe healed quickly and over a few months a new nail grew nicely until it was back to normal.

Natural plant tools have been around throughout the history of the world! We are so fortunate to live in a time when we can purchase them easily in many convenient forms, thus facilitating and expediting the healing process.

PS-Nicole used the same routine on her son who fell off the top bunk, landed on a small wood chair, and punctured his outer ear. She soaked his ear in bath of Epsom salt, applied Cuts & Bruises along with Complete Tissue ointment until the ear healed. Thus she avoided another costly trip to the ER.

If you end up with a crushed toe and have none of the above tools for healing, you could always do what Mike’s great, great grandmother did when she crushed her toe. Fearing infection and future gangrene, she put her foot on the chopping block and cut her toe off with an ax.

I don’t recommend it.

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