My First Experiences with Essential Oils

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Herbs and Essential OilAfter Mike’s residency, he landed a job in southern Utah, where we still happily reside. This led to my first experiences with essential oils.

I was pregnant with our fourth child when we moved from Tucson to Cedar City, so I started hunting for a good midwife.  I was ready for a different experience than I had had with my previous three births.

I found an awesome lady named Vickie Sorensen, who not only helped me achieve the birth of my dreams, but has been an incredible mentor to me ever since our first meeting.  Every time we had illness or health issues that were beyond me, I called her.  She gave me many great herbal remedies and started giving me essential oils to try.

Using the essential oils slowly became a more common practice in our home as we saw how well they worked, and I didn’t have to do any preparation, such as capsulizing, cooking, steeping, or waiting. as with my other herbal remedies.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not ready to give up my treasured plant preparations. I just came to realize that I could use all these tools together. They all work in different ways. A benefit of the oils is they’re already made and ready to be applied.  They are powerful and easy to use on kids for home medicine.

One of the first oil blends I used was Vickie’s Tummy Rub, made from herbs like ginger, peppermint, anise and tarragon.  This blend worked amazingly fast when I rubbed it on our tummies for minor aches, gas and bloating. These problems multiplied for me over my next two pregnancies, especially toward the end of those times.

Whenever I ate anything unusual, I would get minor heartburns or bloating.  So I’d get out my oil, rub some on and feel my discomfort diminish immediately. It worked fast!

My preschool aged son is also prone to bloating, and a couple nights he’s woken me with a tummy as big as a melon, full of gas.  I’ve applied the oil, and within 30 seconds to a minute or so, the gas is moving out of him.  It’s so amazing!  I’ve used this blend more times than I can count over the past few years.  And the more I called Vickie, the more oils she gave me to try.

I felt empowered to have even stronger tools which helped me solve many issues at home.  I was hooked!

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