Cedar & Canyon View High Schools Pour Out Love

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Two competing high schools, Cedar & Canyon View, showed amazing generosity this past week in the presentation they did for my daughter, Raquel, who is terminally ill. The presentation was given at halftime during a basketball tournament called the Steve Hodson Classic. It got its name from a teacher who passed away, and now they do fundraisers to benefit other local people who are sick or terminally ill.

They selected my daughter Raquel, and invited us to come to the game last week. There was a whole section packed with kids from Raquel’s high school. When she came out onto the floor to receive the award, the entire student section from Cedar High held up their hands to her with the sign for “I love you.” Of course, she did it back! After they read Raquel’s bio, I was amazed to see the whole section of students respond to her, holding up a heart sign and shouting out in unison, “We love you, Raquel!” It made my heart melt.

Cedar & Canyon View: Raquel Signing to Students

Then they presented us with a very generous check. I can’t tell you how relieved I was and overwhelmed. I had not expected it to be so much. And what a blessing it was for our family since our finances have had a hard time keeping up with all of Raquel’s natural therapies. At the end of the presentation people clapped and cheered wildly. It was so sweet!

Cedar High Students Cheering at Hodson Classic

Here’s a video I took of just the reading of her bio, I couldn’t help it. I knew it would be an amazing moment and I’m so glad I captured it!

We stayed for the second half of the game, and Raquel enjoyed sitting with her dear friends, including Morgan, a boy she’s been hanging out with more lately (I like him because he is so nice to Raquel and plays with my kids, letting them climb all over him!) .

Cedar & Canyon View: Raquel, Morgan, Chloe at game

Afterwards she hugged so many of her friends and fellow students, and we took this fun picture.

Cedar & Canyon View: Raquel with Students at game

Here’s a poster that was hanging in the basketball gymnasium.

Cedar & Canyon View: Raquel Ame and poster at game

When we got home as I was getting Raquel ready for bed, she was absolutely glowing and joyful to the point of tears. As my mom would say, “she was on cloud nine.” She said it was the happiest day, and that her life was so wonderful. She also said that she loved everyone at her high school so much! I’m amazed at the kindness and generosity in the world. There are so many wonderful, loving, thoughtful people all around. I want to be one of them.

We will pay this good deed forward at some point in our future!

Latest Update on Raquel!!!

Raquel has started school, and things are going well! She just had another MRI which showed good news. Hooray! I will be taking her to Jamaica next week with her best friend. She is so excited, and so am I!

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