Bringing The ER Home

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Mike had to bring the ER home and put staples in our son Isaac‘s head the other night.

Isaac, 7 years old, was playing with his brother. They had covered some PVC pipe with a foam swim noodle.

Unfortunately, when it got thrown at Isaac’s head, the foam slipped down so the sharp end of the PVC gouged him just above the forehead.

All the kids ran up screaming because Isaac had red liquid covering his face. When Mike did an inspection, he could see the opening went through to the skull. He decided the injury needed extra attention.

I immediately put some helichrysum essential oil on Isaac’s head to stop the flow and help with discomfort and healing.

I have to admit, when Mike said he was going to get staples, I was somewhat worried. I knew it needed to be done, but I visualized the staples going into Isaac’s skull. Fortunately that’s not how it works.

The staples go into each side of the cut, only clipping the skin together so it can heal.

ER home

Isaac said it didn’t even hurt, thank goodness.

The perfect thing to heal this speedily is an owie blend of oil. Of course, my problem isn’t that I lack tools for healing, it’s that I forget to use them as often as I should in our busy lives.


Raquel’s Injury

The last time Mike had to supplement our home remedies with emergency room tools was a couple months ago when Raquel cut her shin open on a sharp bookshelf corner. She was doing gymnastics on our bed without me knowing. Mike super-glued the cut shut. He wanted to stitch it, but she was scared and I was worried.

Raquel still has a mark from the cut that hasn’t healed. I gave her some of Christopher’s Complete Tissue ointment and frankincense oil to put on at night, but I haven’t been following up well to make sure she’s doing it. I think I’ll make a chart right now…

Neighbor Boy’s Injury

Before I was done writing this post, I got a call from a neighbor telling me her son had just crashed his dirt bike.  She was away from home, so I told her to send him over here. Mike was sleeping in preparation for his night shift. I didn’t want to wake him yet.

The kid was pretty banged up. His chin was bad enough I thought he’d need stitches. I got out my oils while we waited. I poured several drops of helichrysum essential oil on his chin and knee. Then I put owie oils on the multiple abrasions covering his body. All flow from the skin stopped fast.

He said his shoulder, elbow and thumb joint were hurting. He could move them all well enough, and nothing was poking out. I figured he hadn’t broken anything. My deep discomfort essential oil blend is very effective for minor muscle pain & healing, so I  applied it to these areas. After a few minutes, he said the discomfort had diminished.

Mike woke up and confirmed that stitches were needed. He went to a fellow doctor’s home to pick up a suture kit, and got back the same time as the boy’s mother. The stitching was accomplished as I ran out the door to teach a Dr Mom Class on the essential oils…with one more story to tell.

For those of you who have kids, you know life’s always an adventure!

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