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Teething Pain Solutions
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  Hi, this is Jenni’s sister Emili. I am more of a novice when it comes to herbs and oils, I haven’t taken many courses or had quite the extensive…

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Quick Twisted Ankle Relief
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I’m doing a vendor booth for essential oils this weekend at the American Family Festival.  I went to a meeting this morning, on last minute details and learned that Lena Hughes,…

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Pleasant Bug Repellent: Is There Such A Thing?
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I was out surveying my garden today, and there were some little flies buzzing around my face, driving me absolutely crazy.  So I decided to get out my essential oil repellent…

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Oils To The Rescue!
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My son had his last baseball game of the season tonight.  We do sports about once a year for each child, otherwise our lives are too crazy.  Anyway, I decided…

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Discovering A High Quality Essential Oil Company
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My sister, Emili, invited me to a meeting in February of 2009, to learn about a new company called doTERRA, selling essential oils.  Just the previous month, I had dropped…

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My First Experiences with Essential Oils
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After Mike’s residency, he landed a job in southern Utah, where we still happily reside. This led to my first experiences with essential oils. I was pregnant with our fourth…

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MD vs Herbalist
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So, I didn’t write the really funny part. That’s the fact I was studying herbs while my husband, Mike, was in medical school, hence the title, “MD vs Herbalist.” He already…

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A Journey of Health
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I used to be clueless about health. I guess I knew exercise was a good activity, and eating fruits and vegetables was something I should do. I certainly didn’t make it…

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