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I’m An Author in Another Bestselling Collab Book Called: 6 Figure Roadmap

Wow! Today the news came that I’m a double Amazon Bestselling Author! 🎉

Excited and proud to announce the release of a collaborative book, for which I am a contributor, entitled “The 6-Figure Roadmap: Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Your 6-Figure Business!” And it’s on Kindle for ONLY 99 cents, for just a FEW MORE HOURS! 😅

Hoping that you will support me, by purchasing this eBook and leaving a 5 Star Review (if you are inclined, as we really need more reviews), but I also want to sweeten the deal.

I’ll have some free gifts for anyone who goes and purchases this now, and leaves a 5 Star review. I would so appreciate it, and you can comment or message me to get your freebies! 💝

Grab your copy here… https://amzn.to/35YuGum

My chapter is on how to build a Rockstar Virtual Team 😍

30 Amazing Entrepreneurs come together in this book to share their expertise. I am so amazed at the power of these exclusive stories and guidelines!

It took months to gather all the best tips and “how-to” instructions from all these successful, online entrepreneurs, but now we have a magical mix of the best money-making advice, audience growing tricks, and business growth knowledge that can help us all be more successful!

“This book is jam-packed with so much information and value that you can’t even handle it all at one time. By all means, read the book all the way through to start, but make sure that you leave it in a place for reference since it is a perfect resource to always have on hand to look up answers, tactics, guidance, and more knowledge than you know what to do with!
I personally know the main author/spearhead of this project/Founder of LVRG, Sylvania Harrod and he is just one of the most knowledgable, giving, and kind people I have ever met. He has brought together some amazing people for this book and because of that, I was introduced to a remarkable level of close-up education from some of the most intelligent people I’ve ever heard of.
This book is completely worth the cost! Don’t even question it, just get it, you will miss out greatly if you don’t!” Five Star Review from Selena

Our book has only been out for one day, and it already rose to the top as a #1 Amazon Bestseller! See it here… https://amzn.to/35YuGum

Thanks friends for your support! Comment below when you purchase so I can send your gifts! 🎁

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