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Have you ever had a desire to improve your health or your family’s well-being, without having to visit a myriad of health professionals? Have you ever wished you knew how to be more self-reliant, and mix up remedies in your own kitchen when a dilemma came up? Do you wish on a daily basis that you had little answers to some of the annoying discomforts of living in a human body?

What Does It Mean to be Self-Reliant in Health?

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It means…

When winter comes (or school starts), you know how to boost immunity and keep your family healthy.

When you wake in the middle of the night because someone (maybe you) is uncomfortable for some reason, you have choices of what to do to help.

When someone in your household starts having a health issue, you have tools to turn to, in order to help keep it from becoming a crisis.

When you have a health need, you turn to remedies that strengthen and nourish, instead of superficially covering up symptoms (until they resurface later).

You have powerful tools for wellness in your home remedy cupboard, that are ready to use for many different circumstances.

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Self-reliance in health means we desire to help those around us, whether the issues are emotional or spiritual, as well as physical.

We love to nourish heart and soul, as well as body.

If this rings true, you are at the right place.



How to Get Started Being More Self-Reliant in Health

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