Natural Oil Mom VIP Group Rules

Welcome! IMPORTANT: Please read the below message before posting.

This is a closed group for those who are either members of team Natural Oil Mom or interested in becoming team members with Jenni Wilson and dōTERRA  essential oils. If you are already in dōTERRA, please join a group in your upline. Thank you!

This is a place to have fun, help one another, empower, encourage ourselves and to listen to our bodies and share our experience using dōTERRA oils therapeutically. This is not a place to discuss other essential oil brands, create drama, or engage in any debates or arguments over oils or any other matter. There is plenty of places online designed for that type of interaction if that is what you are looking for, just not here!

We speak kindly and considerately to each other. Any disrespectful people and/or comments will be deleted and banned from the group. I encourage anyone to report any such behavior as well.

We are not qualified to treat, diagnose, or give medical advice to anyone except for Jenni’s husband 🙂 (he is an MD). We simply share our stories and insights from our experiences.


* If you have a question, please first use the “search” tool on the top right of the group. (It looks like a magnifying glass.) This will help you find your question if it has already been asked along with all the useful insight already posted.

* If you want to follow a post because it’s a topic that interests you, please do not put a * or following comment. Instead, simply click on drop down arrow on right side of post. Select “Get Notifications.” You will then be notified if there are any new comments to that particular post. Likewise, you can also select “Stop Notifications” if you’d like them to stop.

* If you’re having any product issues, contact dōTERRA customer service or your upline/sponsor, so they can help you accordingly!
dōTERRA Customer Service: (800) 411-8151

* When both asking and answering questions, feel free to write things like “Does anyone have a personal experience for ____?” or “What have you used and liked for _____?” but posts like “Help! I have a 4 year old who won’t stop bleeding from__ !” or pictures of rashes, etc. will be deleted.

* Please be generous in sharing your personal experiences using these oils! This is how we support and learn from each other.

* If you’d like more information on essential oils and don’t have a sponsor, I would be happy to help. Learn more here —>

*DO NOT add people to this group please.  You can suggest the group to people but we need to have them personally request to be in the group.  We want them to want to be here.

Disclaimer: Our content is not intended to replace professional medical diagnosis, treatment or advice. Information obtained from this group should never cause disregard or delay seeking advice or treatment from a medical or healthcare provider. Use of any information from the content of this site solely at your own risk.