Be A Published Author While Empowering Women in Health!


How would you like to be featured in the “Trust Your Intuition by Influential Moms” book without having to spend a dime?

You could be!


Why Would I Want To Be Included In This Book?

>>> Your story and example can empower others to make healthier choices.

>>> You can be a published author without investing the time and money it takes to be successful

>>> Be featured with other rock-star women and blogging moms

>>> You will receive publicity and exposure to new audiences


 What Is The Book Topic & Title?

Title: “Trust Your Intuition: Choosing Natural Over Conventional Medicine”
Tagline: “Twenty-five “Natural Medicine Confessions” from Influential Moms Who Choose Healing Remedies for Their Families”


Hear from Jenni first-hand about this project…although we are needing more time than what I was originally planning 🙂



What Would Be My Contribution and How Do I Submit It?

Here’s how…

Do you have a story of how you chose natural remedies over conventional remedies and it worked out for the best?

Submit your experience and thoughts for possible publication in the book and here on this blog along with your resource box and a link to your web site.

Submission Guidelines:


1) Write approximately 2,000 words in first person.


2) The first half should be your story and the second half should be the lessons and tips you learned along the way.

>>> Briefly share your personal journey of health.

>>> Describe a pivotal moment when you were trying to decide between using conventional or natural remedies and relate an experience that went with it.

>>> Please share your favorite remedy or type of natural remedy and why you like it, along with your best tips of how to get started with some natural remedies.

3) Keep in mind the subject matter of this book:

Trust Your Intuition: Choosing Natural Over Conventional Medicine

Twenty-five “Natural Medicine Confessions” from Influential Moms Who Choose Healing Remedies for Their Families

The book will include the 4 themes mentioned above:  Personal journeys of health, specific experiences using natural remedies on self or family members, favorite natural remedies and a few basic, general tips for getting started with natural remedies at home.  

4) Write a 100 word bio of yourself in 3rd person.

♦ Email the above along with the following to submissions@localhost/nom:

♦ Your full name and snail mail address

♦ Your email address – A good phone number to reach you and best time to call. – Your web address you’d like your resource box to link to

♦ A 300 dpi photo of yourself

♦ A signed and completed copy of my Submission Release. In the first few lines, just put the title of the book 🙂

(You may scan and attach it, go to to fill it out and email it or snail mail it to the address provided on the form.)

Please review and download the stipulations and writer guidelines associated with being a part of the Trust Your Intuition/Natural Medicine Confessions book by <<<CLICKING HERE>>>
Submission Deadline for Trust Your Intuition: For those invited originally, I need the rest of your materials and release as soon as possible as we are in the editing process. For those invited to fill our last few spots, please try to have your submission, in by February 15th, 2013. We have all our slots about filled up. We are just confirming the last ones! Exciting!

When Will This Book Be Published?

Estimated Publication Date: Mid March, 2013

Estimated Amazon Launch Date: Mid to Late April, 2013

Will I receive a free copy of this book?

The publisher will not be giving me free hard copies of the book, but I will be buying some myself so that all authors will receive a free hard copy of the completed book, with the option of purchasing more hardcopies book at a discounted rate. I am also hoping to secure you some copies of the book for promotions and giveaways.

More Info

Do you have a freebie (ebook, audio class, product, etc.) you’d be willing to giveaway on launch day to help promote you and the book? Please let me know in your email!

We have created a group on Facebook for contributors, so if you have a profile and aren’t on there yet, please let me know so I can add you!

I have been receiving AWESOME submissions for this book! Keep them coming!
We women are going to change the world and I’m so grateful for you!

P.S.-I am doing most of the work for this project, so jump on board the train! I’d love to have your story if I haven’t yet!!!

P.S.S.- If you have any other suggestions you want to send me, please do! Send to jenni@localhost/nom  Thanks!

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