My Causes

World Village – My husband’s small non-profit organization. He and a close friend love to go to Bolivia once a year with family and friends to take down much needed medical equipment, do a humanitarian project, and enjoy the Latin culture. They’ve remodeled clinics and helped build schools. It’s a great vehicle for us to teach our children the value in other cultures and the importance of helping others.





Persnickety Clothing Company/Buying is Giving Program – Mike and I are intimately involved with this program and are so thrilled at the great things that are happening. Much needed clothing and especially school uniforms are being provided to those who can’t afford it. Some of the kids wouldn’t go to school if they didn’t have a uniform, and it makes learning important! But other lives are being changed as well. The women who make the clothing are receiving income to support their families. This makes us so happy.




Shropshire Music Foundation – Liz Shropshire, a music graduate fresh out of college, went to Kosovo in the late 90’s to help war refugees. She ended up teaching them music. She saw how music changed  people there and how it influenced  the youth for good. Since then her organization has taught more than 10,000 youth not only in Kosovo, but also in war-torn Uganda and Northern Ireland. These youth learn through music that they can bring healing, hope, and peace to their communities. Is there a better way to teach peace? Her videos make me weep and want to go help her. Check it out.




Gospel For Asia – I am very impressed with this organization. They do so much to help spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to people in Asia, and also lift many of them out of poverty. Before Christmas, we gave each of our children 8 nickels representing dollars for an activity. We carefully read their gift catalog describing how gifts of farm animals and other items (blankets, water filters, mosquito nets, sewing machines, etc.) can improve people’s lives dramatically. Then our children chose what gifts they wanted to donate. When I made the donation, I was happy to see that 100% went to the gifts and 0% to administration costs. The stories they send to me break my heart, make me grateful for what I have, and inspire me to do more to help. I hope you’ll help too!