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Welcome to Natural Oil Mom

Hi there! I’m Jenni Wilson, natural food mom, follower of Jesus, singer, a master herbalist, wife of an ER doctor and mother to 7 children! I teach women (and a few brave dads) how to use natural tools, and especially essential oils, to care for their families and enjoy more confidence, in natural wellness. I am an author, speaker and EO business coach.

Jenni's Books and Life Lessons

Learn more about Jenni’s book and Understand how nature’s solutions support body systems, and learn more about how to use natural tools, like essential oils for home remedies! Get empowered! 13 years ago, I found myself completely exhausted after having my second child. I had been suffering endless health problems and had no energy. I realized that my issues were interfering with the life I wanted to live, and it finally dawned on me that the stuff I was doing, was not helping me or getting to the root of my problems.  In fact, sometimes, the things I did made me sicker! Despite being married to a doctor, I went to a naturopath and discovered there was a more excellent way to live.

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