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What You Need To Know Before You Use Essential Oils
1024 576 Gelly Aniceta

Everyone has to start using essential oils somewhere on their journey. Whether you’ve heard of them before or not, using them involves a learning curve almost always. Here are some…

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Starting a New School
720 405 Jenni

I’m starting a new school in Pakistan! I always thought it would be cool to do something like that, but I didn’t realize I would get the opportunity so soon.…

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7 Fatigue Fighting, Stress Busting EOs
800 547 Jenni

Are you sick of feeling exhausted, overwhelmed and stressed? Would you like to be more happy, connected and empowered? Learn about 7 amazing essential oils and blends that will change…

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Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle
800 547 Jenni

What’s standing in the way of a healthier life for you and your family? Is it… Having a Walmart budget when you’d like to shop at Whole Foods? Feeling overwhelming…

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My Trip To Bolivia Doing Days For Girls
800 564 Jenni

In June 2016, on the anniversary of my daughter, Raquel’s passing, we traveled to Santa Cruz, Bolivia to distribute 1150 Days For Girls menstruation kits at the local schools, along…

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Days For Girls Experience in Dominican Republic
1024 768 Jenni

On a recent trip with doTERRA to the Dominican Republic, I was invited to help distribute some Days For Girls kits at a school while we were there. I had…

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Do We Want Our Kids To Love Learning Or Hate It?
800 547 Jenni

I got an email from a mom with a 6 year-old son who was hating school by the end of his first week. It made me ponder, if you wanted…

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Does Working Together As A Family Count For Education?
720 540 Jenni

Through the history of the world, families have worked together to put food on the table and survive. Even in modern times, many families must combine their efforts to prosper…

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Wilson Home Education Update
640 427 Jenni

As many of you know, my educational philosophy is basically to figure out what is best for each child through inspiration, love and diligence. This past year we had to…

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StoryBots: Educational Kid Candy…So Fun!
636 361 Jenni

You know I’m a sucker for anything educational, that’s really fun. Well, I’ve discovered a really great tool for my kids… A website that offers free videos about the alphabet,…

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