Natural Oil Mom: Jenni’s Stories & Education

Jenni’s educational articles and stories in downloadable eBook format.

Product Description

Ever wonder how to inspire your child to love learning? Read about the experiences that led my husband Mike and I, to take greater responsibility for our children’s education and how we have made it fun and fulfilling.

Contains the following articles:
Why We Decided to Homeschool – Singing: It Brings Me Joy – After Our Decision to Homeschool -Inspire, Not Require – Kids Making Dinner: An Inspiring Tradition From Boston -Walking the Freedom Trail –
Teaching Kids Through Travel: Our Trips to Bolivia – Kumon Books: Fun Skill-Building For Children – What’s Great About Community Ballet? – Increase Your Child’s Recall –
How I Teach & Inspire My Kids Through Music – The Greatest Dot To Dots In The World! – The New Commonwealth Schools – The Power of Stories – Giving Freedom in Education Memorization For Inspiration – What Our “Homeschool” Looks Like – When I Was A Baby on the Lawrence Welk Show – Teaching Self Government by Nicholeen – Online Education Options For Middle And High Schoolers – Don’t Overreact! The Power of Calm – And Many Others!


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