Jenni’s 2 Class Bundle: EOs for Pregnancy, Breastfeeding & Babies

Jenni’s Audio Class: “Herbs & Essential Oils For Babies.”
Jenni’s Audio Class: “How To Use Essential Oils During Pregnancy and Breastfeeding.”

Includes eBook Audio Transcripts of both classes!

Product Description

Learn how to use essential oils for pregnancy, breastfeeding and babies, in these audio classes taught by Jenni Wilson, Master Herbalist, and Camille Wilcox, midwife. Their abundant experiences allow them to share a wealth of knowledge on these topics.

“I listened to Jenni’s audio class about essential oils for pregnant and nursing mothers. It was WONDERFUL! As a first time mother who fits into both of these categories I was really grateful to have her knowledge. I started using some of the essential oils she recommended for a cold, and my symptoms are nearly gone! I feel more confident to take care of my family herbally and nutritionally.
I also listened to her ‘Herbs and Essential Oils for Babies’ audio class and it was SO helpful. I no longer have anxiety about my baby getting sick, or dealing with other common issues. When those things arise I now have multiple natural tricks to try in my home wellness cabinet. She also explained what to look out for, and how to know if I do need to take my baby to seek professional help. I am really so grateful that I found mom essentials. I feel more capable of treating common problems right in my own home! I would totally recommend these two classes to any mother, at any stage of life. So helpful!  Thank you Jenni!”  ~Kylie


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