My Sick Journey This Year

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I consider myself to be a very healthy person, but this year really kicked my trash! I can usually knock stuff out quickly with herbs and essential oils, but after a sinus infection last summer, breaking out in shingles and then another sinus infection in the spring, I wasn’t getting better. I finally realized that what I was really fighting, was a systemic candida infection, which means I had an overgrowth of yeast, not only in my gut, but in my blood throughout my body! Yikes!!

I was glad to finally figure out the root of my problems, and why the natural remedies I had been using weren’t working very well. I was getting to the point of desperation about what to do to get better. My husband was urging me to take an antibiotic, but I was resisting. I had been feeling over the past few years, that since I had eaten more sugar, I should probably do a candida cleanse. But I never got around to it, and as I started getting sick, I didn’t realize it was candida at the root of the problem.

I cant share the exact details of my cleanse, because I purchased a program (that I feel God led me to, just in time and when I was really ready to do it), but I basically did a 7 day probiotic fast, followed by a 10 day water fast, supplementing with salts and minerals. It really wiped me out, and I had little energy during that time. Luckily, we didn’t have much going on, and the timing was perfect for me.

I had already cut out most foods when I was trying to get rid of my sinus infection, because most cooked foods were making me feel worse. So the fast wasn’t that intimidating to me. And by the time I was done with those 17 days, my sinus infection was loooong gone. Not only that, I dropped 15 lbs from 115 to only 100 lbs! I’ve never seen weight drop off myself so fast! People starting noticing and getting concerned, thinking I was really sick. I had to do some explaining periodically.

I also started walking an hour a day as part of my program, which I had little energy to do at first. But after the fasting part, when I started eating more foods, I had tons of energy. I was supposed to come off my fast eating just watermelon, but since the weight was a concern, I ate avocados too, and started rubbing avocado oil over my entire body.

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