Natural Digestive Support for IBS

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Natural Digestive Support For IBS


I’m wondering if you have any insight how to treat my sons IBS? I’ve been to doctor after doctor and I’m sure it is IBS, but no one will listen to me. They just keep sending me to more doctors meanwhile he is still with the same problem I have to go pick him up from school constantly cause he is in so much pain.

The last doctor they sent me to was an allergist. He said, “why are you guys here? He’s not allergic to anything.” I told him I really didn’t know. I’m thinking she (his regular pediatrician) got upset because I told her I had went on web MD and it told me that he had all the signs of IBS. Please help me if you can I have got to find some releif for him. Thanks.


Conventional remedies are not so good at treating chronic conditions such as IBS.

The first thing I would try is Thayers Slippery Elm Lozenges from Amazon or the health food store. Slippery elm is very soothing and healing to the intestinal tract. The lozenges taste good, too. You can buy slippery elm powder in bulk and it would be cheaper. You can mix 1 tsp with a little water to make a gruel and give him this 3 times a day. It can help tremendously.
Another powerful healer is an essential oil digestive blend. When my friends have chronic issues like IBS, I have them rub a few drops on the stomach morning and night to help with healing, digestion and lowering the amount of pathogens that might be in the digestive tract.
You may also want to put him on a mild food diet as outlined in the How To Herb Book. I also suggest you read Dr. Christopher’s Herbal Legacy of Courage.

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