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My sister, Emili, invited me to a meeting in February of 2009, to learn about a new company called doTERRA, selling essential oils.  Just the previous month, I had dropped a wad of money buying essential oils from my midwife for my emergency preparedness cabinet.

Essential oils have a pretty long shelf life if they are protected from heat, oxygen and light.  So I figured it would be a good investment. With the economy the way it is, I wanted to be prepared with effective tools with which to care for my family.

So I was sitting in this meeting listening to them tell me how great their oils were. From what I knew and the way they smelled, I figured they were high quality.

It was their supplements that really caught my attention.  I had been researching antioxidant drinks and comparing ORAC scores, so I was familiar with some of the numbers they were using.  I was impressed with their antioxident supplement, as its potency was higher than the others’ I had been considering. The vitamin/mineral product looked awesome as it is completely plant-based with no synthetics (like most you find at the grocery store).

The omega oil formula impressed me. It is half land based (seeds, etc) and half water based (fish), but it actually contains essential oils! I had used enteric coated peppermint oil caps in the past and knew they worked really well for digestion, but I had never seen a product like this.

I wasn’t ready for a membership, but I bought 2 supplement packs on the spot. I took them home and started taking them. I liked them. I had good energy taking them, and I knew I was getting the elements I wanted in my diet.

I started using the new oils little by little. I came to love the blends and smells. I started to share them with my friends. My company’s educational materials are beautiful and plentiful. This made it really easy for me to share and educate others.  Now I’ve gained much more experience and knowledge about the high quality of certain oils.

I’m hooked!

***Update: I’m now offering free 20 minute health consultations! So if you are wondering what might work best for your or your family, go ahead and contact me and I will get in touch with you about the best time to talk. I look forward to helping you find the right natural tools for you and your family! Read HERE about the best way to buy the highest quality products.

Enjoy this Natural Oil Mom blog. Share the word how essential oils work! :)
  • Michelle

    I started using high quality EOs in Jan of this year specifically for my son but I have yet to find a good blend of oils to help control his tics (Tourettes). We’ve used straight Vetiver, “Adderall” and “Peaceful Child” and none of these touch anything. Do you have any suggestions in this situation?
    HOWEVER, my youngest spent years being “sick” with allergies, constipation, illius, hand-foot-mouth (all per doctor), you name she had it. She was in the ER a number of times before she ever started school but praise the Lord thanks to essential oils, we haven’t had ONE doctor’s visit all year! SHE will tell you, “I need some oils” and now shares w/ her teachers “my mama has an oil for that” 🙂
    Thanks in advance for your time and consideration. God bless~

    • jenni

      Hi Michelle,

      You want to feed his nerves. The nerve oils are peppermint, lavender, lemon, grapefruit and frankincense. You want to make sure he is getting adequate plant-based vitamins, minerals and omega oils. Coconut and cod liver oils are especially good for the brain. If it were my boy, I would probably get Dr. Christopher’s Ear and Nerve formula and put two drops in each of his ears at night. I would also get his regular Nerve formula to give him orally (glycerin based). You may want to see a naturopath about giving him a gentle cleanse. When the body is having issues, it’s crying out that it doesn’t have the specific nourishment it needs, and it may need cleansing to be able to take up that nourishment. Make sure his diet is based on whole foods, organics and as unprocessed as possible, at least until symptoms improve. That is awesome about your other child being such a strong example and proponent of the oils! Good luck!

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