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September 2013

Mini Berry Cheesecakes On The Healthier Side-GAPS Friendly
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Here’s a wonderful GAPS recipe amended by my friend, Amy Estes. Low-carb, gluten-free, GAPS friendly My mother had sent me a recipe for mini-cheesecakes that she thought might be a…

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Alice in Wonderland: Directed By Young Teens
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My 14 yr-old daughter, Raquel, got an ambitious idea a few months ago. She decided to direct the play, Alice in Wonderland. I encouraged her to pursue it, and she…

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What Do Root Canals, Skin and Gut Issues Have In Common?
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I’m on a mission. We have a couple health issues (needing root canals, fighting skin and gut issues) in our immediate family that are reaching crisis mode. And so begins…

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