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September 2011

Healing Sore or Damaged Muscles, Tissue & Bone
640 427 Jenni

I tend to hold lots of tension in my trapezius, which are the muscles between the shoulders and neck. If I do yoga regularly and am keeping those muscles stretched, I…

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Don’t Overreact! The Power of Calm
300 200 Jenni

By: Nicholeen Peck I was baking bread one day when I heard a commotion coming from downstairs. The children then came to tell me what was happening because they didn’t…

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Sweet n’ Healthy Quinoa Salad
800 547 Jenni

Hi, this is Emili, Jenni’s sister.  I am always in desperate need for healthy recipes that taste good and help satisfy my sweet tooth!  I’ve made this salad for a…

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